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Our most common clients are small clothing design companies. We assist these companies and designers by helping them secure a trademark registration on their clothing brand names and logos.

The benefits of trademark registration are significant. Once registered, no one will be able to tell the trademark holder to stop using their mark in connection with their clothing products. More importantly, the trademark holder will be able stop others from using a mark that is too similar to their mark in order to stop or mitigate harm to their brand. To our clients, these benefits seem particularly important in the realm of clothing design and fashion, where large and small companies have so much riding on their brand names.

Quick facts about clothing trademarks

  • Class 25. Clothing articles are classified in International Class 25.
  • Not using your trademark yet? You do not need to be using your trademark or even have a product to file for trademark protection (You can file a 1b application based on intent to use, but you will have to submit proof of use at a later time.)
  • T-Shirt Phrase. "Ornamentation" is not generally something that can be registered. If the trademark is merely a phrase on a t-shirt, it is likely that the trademark application will be refused. Instead, you will need to show that the mark identifies the source of goods and services. This is commonly done by showing that mark is also used on the inside label of the clothing or on packaging.
  • Logo or Words. Your trademark can be words, or design, or a combination of the two. Wordmarks are more popular with our clients because they tend to have greater longevity. A logo can change every few years but the brand name tends to persist.

Ignite Legal Client Profile

87ELEVEN® 87ELEVEN Productions, LLC

Dave Leitch and Chad Stahelski are the managing members and founders of 87ELEVEN® Productions, LLC, a successful, yet small stunt production company out of LA. 87ELEVEN®, made up of 3 employees and 14 independent stunt artists, boasts some of Hollywood's biggest action blockbusters on its resume: Matrix, Troy, 300, Eclipse, Iron Man 2, and Tron Legacy, just to name a few.
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Building off 87ELEVEN®'s emerging brand, Dave and Chad also started a stunt training facility in LA, as well as an upstart film and TV production company.

In 2011, Dave and Chad used Ignite Legal to obtain a trademark registration of their company name and most important asset, 87ELEVEN® (Reg. No. 85262627). Looking forward, Dave and Chad now have exclusive rights to the mark 87ELEVEN®*. Ignite Legal is vigilant in enforcing these rights for Dave and Chad- monitoring for infringing use, keeping the registration updated, and doing everything it can to ensure that the 87ELEVEN® trademark remain rock solid as the company continues to grow.

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